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"Meet Buddy. We adopted Buddy from a shelter when he was ten-months-old. It immediately became apparent that Buddy had numerous health issues including anxiety, intestinal problems and bone infections. As Buddy continued to grow, he started suffering from pain in his hind quarters to the point it was impacting his everyday activities. Buddy had difficulty running which then progressed to where we could not take him on simple walks. Buddy was then diagnosed with a severe case of hip dysplasia in both hips. Due to Buddy’s size and anxiety, there were few options available. At this point, Dr. Chris Dupuis at the Wheatland Animal Hospital recommended Stem Cell Therapy.  After a couple months we saw a dramatic improvement in Buddy’s mobility. Buddy’s mobility continued to improve to the point where he was able to go on fairly long walks and his most cherished activity of chasing soccer balls in the yard."

-Patrick McDonald

"Our sweet Mia was diagnosed with a muscle disease that has no known cure. While looking for help, we found Wheatland Animal Hospital. What a blessing! Dr. Chris and the staff have been working to slow down the progression of the disease. After just a few weeks of water therapy, Mia was showing signs of improvement. Almost a year later, Mia can once again navigate the stairs and is back to playing with her toys! Plus, Mia loves the entire staff as she is always so excited to see them. We are so grateful for Wheatland and their therapy program."


-The Vesta Family

"I have used the services of Wheatland for 30 years for a variety of pets, with various issues. Most recently my 7 year old lab was diagnosed arthritis in her leg. She limped terribly and couldn't take the long walks as normal. Wheatland outlined several options for pain control/therapy treatments. Stem cell treatment seemed the most logical with long-term benefits. Bella had the procedure about 7 weeks ago. She is limping less, running up the stairs, and vertical jumping on her hind legs to greet me. I am very happy with the results, and would never hesitate taking the advice of the Wheatland doctors for my animals.

-Sue P.

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