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Buster's Story

Meet Buster! Buster is a 5-year-old farm dog from northern Wisconsin (Palmquist Farm). Over the years on the farm, Buster has torn both of his cruciate ligaments in his knees. Our technician Lexie noticed Buster limping on one of her visits to see family in Wisconsin and inquired about what was going on. There weren’t a lot of opportunities where Buster lives to not only surgically repair his knees but also rehab him afterwards so that he could go back to his job as a farm dog. Lexie jumped into action and quickly formed a plan to transport Buster to Wheatland Animal Hospital, where our staff fixed the torn cruciate ligament in his right knee and also began rehab immediately.​


On 8/11/21, Dr. Chris Dupuis diagnosed a chronic cruciate in his left hind leg and an acute cruciate tear in his right hind leg via radiographs (x-rays) and manual manipulation. Surgery was performed that same day and rehab began immediately. Buster stayed at Wheatland Animal Hospital for almost a month and was doted on by the nurses.


Rehab exercises were performed multiple times daily, including passive range of motion, massage, therapy laser, underwater hydrotherapy, and ice. 


Buster returned to Palmquist Farm in September 2021. His family was so ecstatic about his return and says he has been doing very well since. Buster became part of the Wheatland family and we’re ecstatic that he completed therapy and can go back to playing with his farm friends.


Can you tell Buster loved water therapy? We’re so happy Buster was a fan of Wheatland and our rehabilitation program. His progress amazed us every day!

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