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Stem Cell Therapy

​​What are the benefits of stem cell treatments?

  • Stem cell treatments offer the benefit of using the body’s intrinsic capacity to heal itself in a natural way. When stem cells are concentrated in a joint, they have properties that reduce inflammation (and therefore pain) and also heal damage.

Why choose Wheatland Animal Hospital for stem cell therapy?

  • Wheatland’s doctors have extensive orthopedic skills and Dr. Dupuis is certified in rehabilitation, so we select the dogs with honesty and professional knowledge. We also partner with Ardent; providers in the highest quality of stem cell equipment and cryostorage, for our stem cell procedures.

Do stem cells have other effects on the body?

  • The specifics are being researched, and the answer depends on how effective the stem cells are at navigating to a certain location, but stem cells have tremendous opportunity to heal tissue. There are other promising applications that are being studied as we speak.

How do stem cells repair the body?

  • This is a complicated question. Stem cells have molecules whose duty it is to heal tissue. Think of a simple skin cut. These molecules help to form a clot, to build up the healthy tissue beneath the skin, and to close up the wound. The same type of process happens in a joint where stem cells are concentrated with the therapy.

What conditions can you treat my pet for with stem cells?

  • At present, we only treat osteoarthritis with stem cells. Although other areas are promising, we need more research before beginning these applications.

What is the difference between treating medically and using stem cells for arthritis?

  • Stem cells are a medical treatment. However the difference between stem cells and medicine is that stem cells come from the animal’s own body. Therefore they are very safe and side effects are not expected.

How are stem cells stored?

  • We concentrate and process the stem cells on site immediately after harvesting. Therefore no storage is needed for the initial treatment. However, many animals benefit from repeat treatments years down the road. Therefore, Ardent has a properly regulated cryostorage facility in Lexington, KY. We ship the cells on ice to Lexington to be stored for the life of the animal.

Is PRP the same as stem cells?

  • It is not. PRP is an acronym for platelet-rich plasma. We draw blood, and concentrate and process to finish with PRP. Although it is a different product, its goals are very similar. All stem cell treatments are performed in concert with PRP. So the options are PRP, or stem cells and PRP. Stem cells seem to have a longer lasting benefit, but every animal is different. The specifics are discussed with the owners to determine the best therapy.

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