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Pain Management

Frequently Asked Questions - Pain Management

How does Wheatland stand out from the rest?

  • At Wheatland Animal Hospital, we perform a complete physical exam, often including x-rays, to come to a proper diagnosis. As sensible as this may seem, many dog owners incorrectly presume their animals are arthritic, so it is imperative to diagnose the actual problem. From here, we offer a full array of treatment plans, including joint building therapy, rehabilitation therapy, stem cell and PRP, proven supplements, and medications if necessary.

Does Wheatland have in-house pain management?

  • We perform everything at Wheatland, from diagnosis to treatments. Dr. Chris Dupuis is certified in animal rehabilitation therapy through the University of Tennessee, licensed Stephanie is also a certified canine rehab technician through the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh. Wheatland also performs stem cell and PRP treatments in house, all in one day.

What are some signs and symptoms of pain in my dog?

  • This is a complicated question, however some obvious signs are limping and reluctance to get up in the morning or after exercise. Some more subtle signs include defensiveness or reclusive behavior.

How will my veterinarian determine whether my dog is in pain?

  • Through a full physical exam, plus x-rays, we determine the source of the problem and the magnitude of the pain level.

What are the options for pain relief for my pet?

  • This entirely depends on the condition and the location of the problem, however some treatments include joint builders, rehab therapy, stem cell and PRP, joint supplements, and pain medications.​

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