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Pet Evaluations

Wheatland Animal Hospital staff assess each new patient to create a customized plan for rehabilitation therapy. We will take approximately 30 minutes to complete a pre-rehab exam, similar to your human physical therapist. Each dog's plan will be tailored using the following assessments:

  • Range of motion

  • Thigh girth - an indiction of limb use

  • Observation of gait, walking and trotting

  • Neurologic exam: We test your dog's reflexes and perform tests such as conscious proprioception 

  • Orthopedic exam: We flex and extend all joints, palpate bones and joints, and identify areas of pain

Can sometimes involve a sedated orthopedic exam with radiographs. 

A review of pet's medical history is often helpful in designing our treatment plans. When scheduling your appointment, we will ask you to fill out our FIRST VISIT FORM online and have you email, fax or bring your pet's medical records to Wheatland. Our fax number is (630) 904-2020.

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